Creating Sacred Space (Baby Witch blog #7)

Beautiful artwork from Tumblr artist name in photo.

Sacred space to me is a very important ritual to remember to do, in a perfect world once a month. I say this because life gets in the way of everything no matter what we do so just do the best ya can. It doesn’t make you a bad witch for forgetting to make sacred space, draw down the moon, or celebrate a sabbath. Make small witchy things part of your daily life to make everything empowered with your energy and will.

Sorry for the small rant but I hate it when people insist that you have to cast spells to be a Witch and so on…

Sacred space is the act of empowering a whole home, room, or area that you spend a lot of time in as a safe space free of negative energies that is protected by the elements. Personally I like to make sacred space in two rooms of my home the den where I chill a lot with my altar and our bedroom where I sleep mainly. The bedroom is so I’m better protected from psychic attacks.

So let’s start to make sacred space! What you will need: a representation of each element. Salt (earth), incense (air), a bowl with water (water), and a candle (fire) and yourself (spirit) chill music pleasant but optional.

We always start in the north corner of the room and hold the salt and say: (while sprinkling salt a bit around the room)

I cleanse, concentrate, and empower this sacred space with the element of ________. So mote it be!

Next east light incense for air, south light the candle for fire, and last west for water remember to sprinkle water around the edges of the room too. Saying the incantation for each element until you get to spirit. Go to the center of the sacred space raise your hands palms up and say,

In the name of the lord and lady our good father and great mother I cleanse, concentrate, and empower this space with the element of spirit!

So mote it be.

Here it would be proper also to invite your chosen pantheon God and Goddess or single divine if you only work with one into your sacred space to dwell and bless your work.

Envision light of a blue (protection) or a multitude of colors (many purposes) surrounding the barriers of your scared space and turn it into a shield around (as above, so below) it sealing the magick with an equal armed cross (magickal symbol to seal a spell). After you are done remember to dismiss and thank 8the elements and God and Goddess for working with you. This magick lasts about a month. I try to set this for a specific date each month or during the time of a New Moon 🌚 for change.

I thank you for taking the time to read my little blog today. I appreciate everyone who stops by. I’ve really enjoyed writing this series so far. 🐱🌈🌙

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Colors purposes (Baby Witch blog #6)

Beautiful array of colors.

Colors can evoke feelings of deep emotion just by the sight of them. For me one of the things I’d miss most if I was fully blind is life’s colors. The human eye can see a kaleidoscope of colors but women can see more than men. Fun facts lol. What do the colors mean for our magickal works? That’s the topic for today actually. Color is typically in the candle chosen for spells, cloth for a bag, or cord for knot magick.

The knowledge for this blog comes from my decade of witchcraft experience and numerous books that I have read over that time. This entry is copied directly from my personal BOS.

Black – return to sender, divination, negative work, protection

Blue/black – hurt pride, broken bones, angelic protection

Dark purple – calling power, use when working with runes, government

Lavender – favors, invoking the righteous spirit in yourself

Purple – psychic power, dream magick, visions

Dark green – invoking the Goddess of regeneration, agriculture, financial

Mint green – financial gains, use with gold and silver as the God and Goddess

Green – healing, health, money, North

Dark blue – cause confusion, power

Blue – protection, West

Light blue – protects home, children, and buildings

Ruby red – anger of passion, love

Red – love, romance, atmosphere, energy, South

Magenta – fast workings, harmony, friendship in the home

Pink – binding, harmony in friendships

Yellow – knowledge, learning, East

Gold – prosperity, sun magick, the God

Burnt orange – opportunities

Orange – material gain, attraction, seals a spell

Brown – herbal magick, peace in the home

Silver – the Goddess, quick money, invoking the moon, moon magick

Off white – peace of mind, mother moon candle

White – used as a replacement for other candle colors, purity, righteousness, devotional magick

Grey – glamor magicks

So this is the list I go by. I have gotten mostly positive results for my spells and energy intentions. If people have anything to add or personal experiences to share please do in the comments.

First full week

Facebook filters are interesting never really messes with them much.

Tomorrow is Friday, I’ve made it through my first week on the home front. Some things I’ve enjoyed; more kitty cat snuggles, binging a lot of  ‘A Haunting’, streaming for fun, writing, reading, listening to wind chimes and the rain. Other things that haven’t been so great; cat’s prickling on everything (even doors!), vision goes cloudy if I bend over to much (working on solutions), dry eyes are terrible in the house, being kinda tired a lot, not being able to see well enough so I’m afraid to cook (this weekend I’m going to try on my own with supervision), and lots of technical difficulties with streaming (I’m learning slowly and so is B).

I know the dislike list seems a bit long but I am so much happier and less stressed overall. In the next few weeks I’m going to be doing meal preps with B as I get more comfortable with cooking. Adding some light exercises like ‘Ring Fit’ and yoga streches to get a bit of activity every day. If I’m feeling frisky maybe I’ll ask Stephanie to go on some walks in the mornings. I have blogs ready to post up to April 21st. I’m honestly astounded by that. That’s the day of my retinal specialist appointment too so I think part of my mind is calmed that I’ve worked so hard on this blog content that I love so much.

B is doing great at work so far! She totally caught on to so much quickly, I’m super proud. Health insurance and charges are hard. She seems happier to we’ve just got to get groceries stuff figured out this weekend but I think she will feel better about the whole life flip after we get those things settled. Joe has been a real trooper too. He has just helped out when I ask and not made me feel like I’m annoying or a nag lol. Mainly he sweeps the floors, grills, carries laundry places, does the bathrooms, cat boxes, and outside chores (wives help with flowers and gardening). I thank both my spouses for loving me and each other enough that we make our crazy life work.

I’d also like to thank all the people who read this blog, follow me on social media, watch me on Twitch, or actually know me in real life. I appreciate all of you and value the time we spend together online or just by reading my word vomit here.

Have a blessed night. May the rains of the Goddess cleanse your mind, body, and soul.

Daily Devotions with Grounding and Centering (Baby Witch blog #5)

Ground and center. Empowering words for our days.

Positive affirmations, prayer,meditation, or any other way that we use on a daily basis to get more in touch with ourselves and the higher powers can be a daily devotional. Personally I still like prayer, usually silent in my head, or quiet meditation lead by a podcast. I also just like to listen to the sounds of nature to relax, remember my home in the country, and go to my mental “happy place”.

So thinking daily on the spirit (as in the 5th element) isn’t as hard as it seems at first when you see the vast array of ways to accomplish the goal. It can also be a good way to calm the mind throughout the day to help us get through life’s small daily annoyances. Resetting our energy by grounding and centering, an example would be taking a few deep breaths and envisioning all the negative energies as black goo on your aura and it getting sucked back into the earth and off you, is the best way to avoid conflict in our daily lives.

Today I’d like to share a devotional I’ve uses for many years to start my day. It always reminds me of my faith and that my entire body is an instrument of the Goddess and God and my personal power.

Blessed be my feet that walk the path of the lord and lady

Blessed be my knees that kneel at the sacred altar

Blessed be my heart that beats the drum of compassion

Blessed be my lips that they may speak the truth

Blessed be my eyes that they may see the wisdom of the spirit

May the love of the lord and lady be within and around me as I begin my day

So mote it be

I’m hoping that this prayer inspires you to be a positive force in someone else’s life today. Be kind to yourself daily and be considerate of others and the planet. Remember what we think we are and what say is our magick manifesting reality.

Our beautiful Moon and its phases (Baby Witch blog #4)

Moonphase is very important for purpose and energy flow.

The moon is the heavenly representation of the Goddess. The moon has pull on not only the tides of the season but also our emotions as humans. In the medical community we fear the full moon as weird things always seem to happen on this night. Some staff even plan on having the day off each month just to avoid the what ifs.

The lore of the moon is still strong in our culture and others but what does it mean to the common witch? In the simplest terms the moon grows (waxes) and then gets full (full moon) then gets smaller (wains) leading to a blank moon (new moon) each month or about every 28 days. Each phase is good for different types of magick and that is what we are covering today.

🌑New Moon is the first phase of the lunar cycle, starting when the Moon reappears in the night sky after 2-3 days of absence known as the ‘Dark Moon’. It is a period of new beginnings; therefore, ideal for setting intentions and planting seeds for the future. Allow your imagination to run free and dream a new reality into being. This time is perfect for taking those initial steps towards manifesting your desires.

🌘Waxing Crescent Moon is the phase of the lunar cycle in which the Moon grows. Energies are highly magnetic, making it a good time to perform ‘constructive’ magic – calling in what you want from life and reality, whether those are projects, plans or emotional states and behaviours, like more self-love, compassion, a positive attitude, courage, etc. The energy of the Waxing Crescent is all about going within and ‘pulling’ out what you want more of before you start thinking and envisioning what you want to bring forth from the external world.

🌗First Quarter Moon is all about attraction from the external world. It is the optimal time for performing magic that aims to draw things in, whether it is a person (partner, friend, client) or success, money, etc. Also, this is a very conducive time to call back lost objects.

🌖Still in the ‘constructive’ magic phase, the energies of the Waxing Gibbous Moon are great for giving that extra push to something you’ve been working on but may have been stagnating. If you are struggling with lack of motivation to finish a project or stick to a routine, make use of these energies to give you a push and help you overcome temptations and resistance.

🌕The phase of the Full Moon is the most powerful of the cycle, and therefore the most conducive to addressing major issues or challenges you may be facing. Focus your spells and rituals on things that are of the utmost importance to your life. Also, this time is great for magic and meditations revolving around psychic development, spirituality and divination.

🌔After the Full Moon, we enter the ‘waning phase’ in which energies are conducive to repelling, banishing and destroying that which is unwanted. Use this phase to perform spells and rituals aimed at minor banishings and cleansings, whether in physical terms or bringing closure to something that hasn’t been working for a while. To realise what those are, this is a wonderful time for introspection and gaining clarity on what is no longer in alignment with your goals.

🌓 The third quarter Moon. If you’ve encountered an obstacle or ‘bump in the road’ as you work towards your goals, this is the perfect time to overcome it. Use spells that aim to boost you over hurdles that may tempt you to give up. The same goes for any transitions that you might be in midst of – make the best of these energies to smooth out any wrinkles and make the process flow with more ease.

🌒 As we get closer to the Dark Moon phase, energies are more suitable for performing bigger banishings, such as getting rid of anything that has been absorbing joy from your life and draining your energy. If there’s anything you wish to just cut out from your life, work with the energies of this period to do so. Whether it is dropping a dead-end project or ending a relationship or friendship that is harmful – focus your spells and rituals on the deliberate dropping of anything that you no longer desire.

This is where I retrieved the moon phase meanings from as the article put it simply and eloquently. They have a lot of helpful information for beginning witches. Thank you for your time today and please let me know if you are enjoying this blog series.

So I’ve been avoiding writing this one.

Some of my greatest comfort has been my pets.

I don’t work outside my home anymore. Nothing has happened to my sight currently but my mental health is only worsened by working with others. I’m not saying I’ve had bad coworkers or that I myself am a bad worker. I do best when left alone to my tasks in an environment where I feel rules of state and company are followed and my safety both mental and physical are considered as I am disabled.

I once fought that label so hard but now I’d rather have my bills paid and have nothing else but be happier than I was making almost twice as much. Yes I’m educated and I’m still using it but in ways that I value that I get nothing but the good feeling of sharing information that to others is hard to find. I also want to enjoy my sight doing the thing I want to do. Is it selfish? Yes. Do I care? No not really after some long talks with those I hold close.

This is my and my partners lives no one else’s. Our wife wants to work and was miserable at home. We’ve essentially traded places. I’m now the loving, slightly blind house wife and she works two jobs but still finds time to help me with things daily. Our husband has also been a supporter of whatever we can do to try to improve my mental health that isn’t more medications. I am very lucky to be loved by two such amazing people.

So a lot of things are changing and new for us now. I haven’t been off work more than a week at a time barring surgeries in about six years. That may sound like bragging but it’s not. I was miserable most of my cooperation time but I met a lot of good people along the way. So if I’m off in stream, not social, or seem distant I’m not trying to be I just have a lot weighing on my mind. The judgements of others being part of it not matter how much I want it not to.

My mind isn’t letting me sleep well either so I will do my best to make up and keep to some kinda schedule. If you took the time to read this I thank you as a friend but if you were just curious about my plight shame!

Tools of the trade (Baby Witch blog #3)

What tools do you think witches use most?

Brooms, candles, cauldrons, and cats are just some of the occult items associated with witches. While it may be true we use these items, but sometimes not for the assumed purpose, and many more. Some of our tools surprise people with how mundane they are. Sorry not all witch stuff is spooky and shrouded in mystery.

Today I’m going to go over some of the most widely used tools in wicca and paganism. Some tools can be called by many names, I will be using the ones I am most familiar with myself.

Athame – ritual knife or dagger usually associated with the element of fire. Directs energy in rituals.

Wand – usually a wooden length sometimes set with stones, carvings, nature items, ect that it used to channel energy and spirits. The wand is an extention of the witches self. The element of air is ruler here.

Chalice – Usually a cup or liquid vessel used for cakes and ale in rituals. Symbol of the. Goddesses womb. Associated with the element of water.

Pentacle – usually a literal pentacle disc that can be used as a tray. It is a symbol of the element of earth.

Scrying mirror – a mirror sometimes silver sometimes black used to peer into the void for divination.  Associated with water.

Besom – symbol of fertility and the earth. Used in handfastings to jump over. Used to sweep away negative energies.

Cauldron – Associated with water. Used to scry when full of water, used to brew potions and oils. Can be used to burn incense. In a handfasting the athame is plunged into the cauldron to symbolize the end of the ceremony. Symbol of fertility.

Incense – used to set the mood and purpose for a spell or ritual. Used as an offering for the God’s attending your circle. Represents the element of air.

This was a very fun entry to write! I hope you all have enjoyed it as much as I have creating it. Look for the next entry in a few days.

The magickal week (baby witch blog 2)

Each day has a meaning and more but let’s start there.

There are a lot of things to consider when preparing to cast a spell, create a charm, or just to light a candle for the correct purpose. One of the most basic ones is what day do we do the activity? Well lucky for you that’s what I’m covering today! Each day will be individually looked at and if you don’t see exactly your purpose on here it should be easy to see where that purpose should fit.

Sunday – health, success, career goals, ambition, personal finance, advancement, drama, fun, laws, authority, crops, totem animals, volunteer/civic services, the God, men’s mystery, children, buying, selling, speculation

Monday – psychic pursuits, psychology, dreams, Astral travel, imagination, women’s mystery, reincarnation, short trips, the public, domestic concerns, emotions, fluid magick, spirituality, water magick, nursing, initiation, astrology, shape shifting, religious experiences

Tuesday – passion, sex, aggression, energy, strife, action, courage, swift movement, sports, muscles, partnership, soldiers, combat, confrontation, business, mechanical repairs, tools, guns, surgery, police, gardening, wood working, hunting, beginnings

Wednesday – wisdom, healing, communication, intelligence, memory, education, phone calls, students, merchants, writing, editing, advertising, signing contracts, siblings, neighbours, kin, accounting, music, visual arts, learning, visiting friends, legal appointments, astrology

Thursday – business, logic, gambling, social matters, political power, publishing, material wealth, college level education, long distance travel, foreign interests, religion, philosophy, forecasting, breastfeeding, publicity, doctors, luck, growth, horses, guardians, psychologist, charity, self improvement, reading, studying, research

Friday – romantic love, friendship, beauty, soul mates, courtship, dating, artistic abilities, harmony, affection, relationships, partners, alliances, grace, luxury, social activities, marriage, decorating, cosmetics, gifts, income, growth, plants, architectural design, chiropractors, dancers, designers, artists, entertainers, music, painting, poetry, household improvement, planning, parties, shopping

Saturday – binding, protection, neutralization, karma, death, manifestation, structure, reality, society laws, limits, obstacles, tests of merit, hard work, endurance, real estate, dentist, teeth, bones, farm work, separation, stalking, criminal defense, murder, plumbing, wills, debts, justice, math, joint money matters, discovery, transformation, relationships with elders

So that was a lot to take in! You may have noticed that some of the days have similar purposes and that’s okay. The days also have association to colors, planets, signs, angel’s, plants, stones, and elements. Those are deeper things to research after committing some of the basic meanings to memory. I will probably go over thing like that much later in my blog.

The altar set up. (Baby witch blog #1)

The altar is the center of your magickal home. Although some things are similar each altar is unique and honors the god/dess in a personal way.

So the altar is usually a table, shelf, nook, corner, something within the witches home that is place where the elements, chosen pantheon, and sometimes ancestors are honored. I will not a lot of this blog today is personal opinion and pulls upon my decade of craft practice and research. I respect everyone’s interpretation of an altar and am not saying my way is the best or most accurate in any way.

So what is on your altar? Well let’s first position it within our room. Most witches in my experience place the altar in the most north corner of the room to attune to the earth energy. At the four corners of the altar representations of each element are displayed as a reminder of each elements association with a direction on the compass. North is each, east is air, south is fire, and west is water. Examples of elemental representation are earth is stones, a skull, mortar/pestle, or plant. Fire is candles, a light, the athame (will discuss in another blog). Air is incense, a feather, sage bundle, divination tool. Water is the chalice (another tool), Holy water, a fountain or a mirror.

To represent the fifth element spirit some people put a statue or other icon that represents the diety that the person has chosen to worship. In my case it’s a lovely statue of Athena. I value justice, knowledge, and fairness highly. Some people choose to not get specific with names for the God ad Goddess and that is perfectly OK! Worship the singular Flying Spaghetti Monster if that’s what you believe in I’m down.

Some mini candle holders are good to aid in light for spellwork and rituals. I also just like to empower a candle for a purpose and let it burn out as sometimes daily devotionals. An altar cloth to cover spells/rituals until they are preformed is a common item. A scrying mirror, crystal ball and besom (broom) are also common items near the altar but we will discuss these in a later blog on tools.

What’s in my altar? Reference books I use often for herbs and crystals meanings. My BOS, incense, essential oils, frequently used crystals, wand, ritual jewelry, scrap paper, string, and tarot cards. I hope you’ve enjoyed this baby witch blog. Look for more soon.

Chakra basics

A witches tools are vast but knowledge of the energies within and around us sometimes hold the keys to what is needed to heal.

So chakras is not something that I am super educated about myself, so we’re all learning things today! I’m taking very basic knowledge of mine in conjunction with the Greenaway book that I have been referencing for the past few blogs. My friend Kia recently sent me a beautiful hand made chakra symbol hanging for above my altar that our mutual friend Lesa purchasedfor me. This is what has prompted my want for more knowledge on the subject.

I will of course post a few pictures of the beautiful art in this blog too. So let’s get learning! Chakras originate from Hinduism and Buddhism. It is usually a whirling vortex of some kind. There are seven energy points (chakras) on the body that can be used for harmony, peace of mind, health, and knowledge.

Base or Root – Located at the base of the spine. It embodies the lower limbs, large intestines, adrenal glands and is represented by the color red.

Sacral – Located at the base of spine and navel. It’s the center of pleasure, sex, and creativity. Health wise it is the circulation, bladder, and kidneys. Orange is its color.

Solar Plexus – Located in all things pertaining to digestion, the muscles, and adrenals. Seat of power for ambition and all creativity. In charge of all matters of sensitivity. Its color is yellow.

Heart – Location of the soul. Emotions of love, sexual love, compassion, and tenderness. Health center of the thymus gland, the upper limbs, and lungs. The color is green.

Throat – Place of self expression, creativity, the arms, thyroid, and neck area. Blue is its color.

Third eye – Most well known chakra located between the eyebrows. Spirituality and our third sense. The part of us that questions life and its purpose. We tap into our past selves here and our power. Indigo is its color.

Crown – Located at the top of the head. For our health this is the center of our nervous system and the pituitary gland. Gives us a sense of the greater powers and our place within the great life stream.

Man I learned so much! I hope you did also. What do you all know about this subject 🤔? Let me know below!

The beautiful piece on my altar.